National Hydro-Excavation is the Midwest leader for hydro-excavating, jetting, industrial vacuuming, trenching and daylighting.

Top Services

National Hydro-Excavation provides services year-round to maximize productivity on any site. Some of our top services include: hydro-excavating, jetting and industrial vacuuming.


Whether for trenching, underground utility or excavating as-built sites, hydro-excavation lets us tackle any project safely — even in tight spaces.


Clear lines, sewers and basins with hydro-excavating that uses high-precision water to safely power through blockages, high-performance vacuum to remove debris and high-capacity tank to haul it away.

Industrial Vacuum

High-performance industrial vacuum safely and efficiently removes large volumes of material more quickly and with greater precision.

Pre-qualified for

High-power. High-precision. Highly effective. There’s a reason National Hydro-Excavation Services is the Midwest’s leading provider of hydro-excavation services. Safe and efficient, our services replace the risky, time-consuming task of traditional digging and disposal. And our experience and expertise makes NatHydro the ones to call in virtually any situation — from new projects and expansion, to repairs, storm clean up and unseen hazards.

Why go back to business as usual? Move forward with National Hydro-Excavation.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Planning is great, but not every situation comes at a convenient time. Contact National Hydro-Excavation Services in case of an emergency, accident or natural disaster – 402-669-0397 .