Having access to the right services, right when you need them, is important. National Hydro-Excavating Services is ready with the teams and equipment to work safely and efficiently to successfully bring your project to completion. Whether it’s part of planned maintenance or time-sensitive problem resolution, we’re ready to go to work, with a full range of services that includes:

Hydro-Excavating Services

More efficient, safe and effective, our hydro-excavating capabilities allow you to get the job done, while protecting people and infrastructure. Services include:


• Potholing

• Pole holes

• Pipe tie-ins

• Pipeline crossings

Jetting Services

Ensure lines, pipes and systems remain free from debris and obstruction with jetting services from National Hydro-Excavating. This includes:

• Line jetting

• Catch basin cleaning

• Pipe inspections

Industrial Services

Quickly and safely remove and transport both liquid and solid waste – even from hard-to-reach areas, with NatHydro’s industrial vacuum services that include:

• Wet/dry material

• Power washing

• Tank cleaning

• Water transfer

Emergency Services

More than what we do, it’s how we do it.

With National Hydro-Excavating Services, our service goes beyond the list of services we provide. Our clients value our commitment to how we get the job done. From our zero-injury and zero-downtime approach, to our professionalism, responsiveness and problem-solving capability, NatHydro brings real value to the relationship.

Advanced equipment for greater capabilities.

We’re the first to say it – our people are second to none. Part of what makes them best is having access to the most advanced tools and equipment. Our hydrovac truck carries a range of features that are ideally suited to our four-season climate – and that can be easily implemented as needed to speed efficiency, productivity and completion.

  • Warm water capabilities to work year-round

  • Powerful 20-gallons-per-minute water system for 4,000+ psi

  • 15-yard debris tank for more work time, less dumping

  • 320-degree boom and 200-foot corrugated hose gets in any space

  • Hydraulic dump box (soil) and on-truck sump pump (liquid) speeds offloading

  • 1200-gallon water tank for more work between refills

  • Electronic control and monitoring for maximum productivity